The Legal Department

Stacy Rummel Bratcher

Vice President and General Counsel at Cottage Health

Get to know Stacy

I am a chief legal officer and risk management executive who cares deeply about making healthcare safe, accessible, and understandable to all patients. For more than 20 years, I have represented healthcare providers throughout the entire continuum of care – physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, pharmacies, laboratories, surgery centers, government and community hospitals, and academic medical centers – and provided clear and effective counsel through litigation, investigations, board governance, mergers, and acquisitions and more.

I believe healthcare is the great equalizer – no matter our education, tax bracket, or social standing – health is our single most important asset. That simple belief, however, is overshadowed by the reality of dense and complex regulations that too often create barriers to care.

As new care models like telemedicine and retail clinics emerge, I see an urgent need to meet regulatory burdens with a creative approach so we can bring safe, quality healthcare to patients everywhere.