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I am a general counsel who has worked in in-house legal departments for almost 20 years. When I was growing up, I didn’t know that general counsel was a job. I thought that lawyers went to court or were the people you called if you got arrested. Before going to law school, I had a brief stint in state government working as a policy assistant in the governor’s office. At the time, that job was the love of my life and I thought I would work in government forever. I quickly realized that most people around the Capitol were lawyers or had law degrees. Law school seemed like a pre-requisite to success in government. So I went to law school thinking that I would return to government and continue to work on the big-picture, dinner table issues.

After graduating with six-figures of law school debt, I realized I needed to make money. So like most new graduates, I went work in a law firm where I stayed for several years, grinding it out. But throughout that time, I still yearned to make an impact on a larger scale. Lunch with a friend landed me an interview for an in-house position at a large private university. I was lucky enough to get the job and quickly found my second love as an in-house attorney. Being able to work closely with the end users and make an impact on issues that influenced the organization was incredibly rewarding.

Fast forward almost 20 years—I still love the role, but for different reasons. Through my years in leadership positions, I learned that what I really love is connecting with people and helping them grow their career. My most rewarding experiences as general counsel are the conversations, coaching and connections I have made for attorneys on my team or other colleagues who just need someone to help them see the opportunity in front of them.

So why a podcast? Once COVID restrictions were eased, I slid back into the conference circuit and attended several legal conferences tailored to in-house attorneys. I moderated a few panel discussions and breakout sessions of in-house attorneys to discuss issues in their legal departments. The sessions had various formats—panel of experts with Q&A, virtual panel with chat, and roundtable with small group discussions. Regardless of the format, each of these sessions were among the most highly rated of any session of these conferences. As I reflected on my experience as a facilitator, I realized how energized I was in those conversations. What a unique opportunity to connect with people who know exactly what you’re going through at work! To have candid conversations in an environment where I didn’t know anyone personally, but where I could effortlessly connect with others in my same position about challenges, ideas and war stories, was a gift I didn’t expect to take home in my conference goodie-bag.

On the flight home from my last conference, I wondered if there was a way this experience could be shared with others. Not everyone has the time or budget to travel to conferences (or the luck of joining one of these in-house only sessions). Was there a way to take the conference experience outside the hotel ballroom? And the idea for The Legal Department podcast was born.

My goal for The Legal Department podcast is to create a virtual conference space where we can explore topics that are on every in-house attorney’s desk. Through conversations with in-house attorneys and business partners, we will tackle technical issues like cyber security, digital privacy and governance, and legal operations questions like how to show the ROI of your department, the best way to structure your team to optimize productivity, and finally (and most importantly) we’ll delve into my favorite topic–often the most neglected one of all: our own professional development. Each episode of TLD podcast will provide you with practical tips and takeaways that you can use to take your in-house career to the next level. I hope you’ll join the conversation in The Legal Department!

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